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Strategic management: Winning KPIs

  What are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? KPIs measure progress of a business towards it’s intended goals. KPIs reflect both financial and non-financial critical success factors and assist strategic management … Continue reading

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Strategic Management Accounting: Missed opportunity for SMEs?

  Strategic management accounting is about supporting businesses internally and help them improve their performance. In larger organisations with diverse finance functions dedicated management accounting function plays a significant role … Continue reading

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Cost cutting as strategy? Don’t cut corners

Why cost cutting? The economic and market conditions are tough for some time now and many expect this trends to continue in the near future. Many businesses are struggling compete … Continue reading

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Inventory management: Inventory Obsolescence: What, why and how?

What is inventory obsolescence? Inventory obsolescence is when the inventory is no longer salable / usable. Inventory obsolescence can happen for many reasons: changes in market conditions, regulations, changes in … Continue reading

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Customer profitability analysis

What is customer profitability analysis (CPA)? CPA is part of the business analysis and help businesses to measure the profit derived form each customer. It is the difference between the … Continue reading

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Financial management: Credit management

How well you are managing your debtors? “A sale is not completed until the cash is collected”. Credit management is a critical part of financial management. Even highly profitable business … Continue reading

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Variance analysis: Sales variance

Sales variance analysis is an important tool to manage and monitor the performance of the sales function of your business. It also used tool to analyse business results to better … Continue reading

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End of month accounting: Sales analysis

Do you monitor performance of your sales activity? If you are not selling you are not in business. In business knowing what is sold and to who it’s sold is … Continue reading

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Accounting systems – Chart of accounts

What is Chart of accounts? It is list of the accounts used by a business entity to define and record each class accounting transactions in business’s accounting systems. It is … Continue reading

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Financial management: Cash flow forecasting – What, why & how?

Cash flow management is critical to a successful business. Cash flow management is a key aspect of financial management of a business planning its future cash requirements to avoid crisis … Continue reading

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